6 Luxurious Places to Relocate Near Seattle

6 Luxurious Places to Relocate Near Seattle for a High-Class Lifestyle

Relocating to a luxury home in an affluent market requires a competitive attitude and significant cash. The city of Seattle is busy and bustling, but just outside the city limits in the wider metro, you’ll find numerous slower-paced, exclusive neighborhoods with picturesque properties.

If you’re exploring first-class options near Seattle, start with these leading locations.

Yarrow Point, Medina and Clyde Hill are three of the highest-end neighborhoods in the greater Seattle area. All are located within 3 miles of each other on the Eastside — the portion of the Seattle metro area just east of Lake Washington. These sought-after neighborhoods are situated on a peninsula along Lake Washington, a location that accommodates many waterfront properties and homes with spectacular views, nestled away from the bustle of the city. Few homes in these markets list for sale, making shopping for a luxury property challenging, but not impossible if you’re determined.

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Yarrow Point

At the northern tip of the peninsula is Yarrow Point. The median value of homes is $2,711,000, the highest in the Seattle metro. In the last year, values hiked an incredible 22.2 percent and are anticipated to rise another 6.5 percent within the next 12 months. For comparison, a standard and sustainable annual growth rate is just 3 percent. Neighborhood attractions include Loch Lane Beach, Yarrow Point Beach Park and Wetherill Nature Preserve.


Medina is just 3 miles south of Yarrow Point, on the southwest shore of the peninsula. The median value of homes in Medina is $2,667,700, the second highest in the metro. Values in Medina rose a whopping 18.3 percent in the last year and are forecast to appreciate 6.2 percent throughout the next year. Community features include Medina Beach Park, Medina Park, 520 Bridge View Park and Overlake Golf and Country Club.

Clyde Hill

Between Yarrow Point and Medina is Clyde Hill, with the third-highest median home value in the Seattle metro, $2,603,600. Clyde Hill does not offer waterfront properties, but its elevation allows for stunning Lake Washington views. Home values in Clyde Hill appreciated 17.7 percent in the last year and should experience another 6.4 percent lift in the next 12 months. Clyde Hill boarders the Overlake Golf and Country Club as well as Wetherill Nature Preserve.

Mercer Island

Just south of Medina, and situated within Lake Washington between the east and west sides of Seattle, is Mercer Island, a small, self-contained city connected to the mainland by bridges on either side. Homes across the island have a median value of $1,406,800, fourth on the list for the highest home values in Seattle, and the town is certainly secluded from the fast pace of the city. Values rose 10.5 percent throughout the last year and are projected to climb another 4.3 percent in the next 12 months. Residents frequent Luther Burbank Park and Clarke Beach Park along the waterfront, as well as Pioneer Park and Mercer Island Beach Club. If you’re considering buying in Mercer Island you’ll notice a bit more inventory available compared to the other markets, reducing the purchasing competition slightly.


Lake Sammamish is another large body of water in the Seattle metro, east of Lake Washington. On the east coastline of Lake Sammamish is the distinguished town of Sammamish. Home values are notably reduced compared to the prior markets, but they are still among the top 10 steepest values in the Seattle metro at $905,800. Like the other cities, values in Sammamish continue to climb: 11.4 percent last year and anticipated growth of 5.1 percent throughout the next year. Locals enjoy Lake Sammamish State Park, Evans Creek Park, Soaring Eagle Regional Park and Sahalee Country Club. As a buyer, be prepared to face competition when shopping for homes in Sammamish —a popular market with limited inventory.


Much farther north than these other luxury markets is Woodinville, best known for its plethora of wineries. The median value of homes in Woodinville is $764,900, putting it in 10th place for highest values in the Seattle metro. Values rose 12.4 percent last year and have a forecast of 4.9 percent appreciation throughout the next 12 months. The housing market is competitive with some inventory to select from, a bit more than in Sammamish. A major attraction in Woodinville is Chateau Ste. Michelle Vineyards, both a winery and vineyard as well as an outdoor music venue with incredible lineups.

If luxury is your objective, begin your house-hunting endeavors in these suggested markets. Once you find that perfect property, toast to your success and let the professional movers take care of the rest.

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