6 Packing Tips When Moving to a New Home

6 Packing Tips When Moving to a New Home

Few things are more exciting than searching for a new home, one that you envision yourself settling down and building your life in. However, as exciting as that may be, the “actual move” can be a major headache. You are forced to pack up all of your belongings and transport them from your old property to your new one. Homeowners are concerned with a variety of things, including having the proper supplies. Protecting your breakable valuables and packing efficiently are all major concerns. Below are six packing tips that can help homeowners that are moving, and make their move feel seamless.

Packing Tips:

  1. Before you begin, purchase or borrow all of the supplies you need.  This will include packing tape, markers, tissue paper, newspaper, bubble wrap, peanuts and of course, boxes.  However, before spending a mini fortune on boxes or reusable tubs, go to a local retail store and inquire if they have boxes they would give away to you. Many of these places receive weekly shipments that encompass a myriad of boxes, and the majority of those boxes end up in the recycling bin.  Most would be happy to give you their boxes after they unpack their shipment.
  2. Label, label, label.  Anytime you pack a box, write a detailed label of what is inside on the box’s exterior.    This will save you a ton of time while you are unpacking, and it will be an immeasurable advantage when you are unloading.  Your family or movers will know exactly where to place each box based on what is written on the outside.  Of course, try to box together items that will be placed in the same room. Also, you could keep an inventory list and number each box, which would certainly help you stay organized.
  3. Put all of your heavier items in the bottom of the box, and make sure boxes aren’t too heavy.  You do not want the box to rip on you, and you do not want to overburden your movers.
  4. Keep things together. Whether it’s silverware, and rods or other small tools or hooks that go with a larger item, keep them together. You can do this by taping or tying it to the item or putting it in a small Ziploc bag inside the package box.
  5. When boxing up breakable valuables such as china and glassware, be sure to wrap each item individually with tissue paper or newspaper, and be sure to cushion them with peanuts or bubble wrap.
  6. Make sure that every box is properly taped. Put smaller valuable items in a box or in a small bag to avoid having them misplaced.

These packing tips should help prepare you for an easier move. However, the easiest way to reduce your moving stress is to let the professionals take care of it! Bekins Northwest can handle all of your needs, and will ensure your residential move goes as smooth as possible.  Call us today for more details!

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