North Seattle Movers

North Seattle Movers

Moving to or from North Seattle may be a big transition, but Bekins Northwest is here for you every step of the way! Our North Seattle moving company is BBB-accredited and designated a “ProMover” by the American Moving and Storage Association.  We have the proven track record of customer satisfaction and unparalleled resources necessary to get the best job done for you!

For over 110 years, we’ve provided the best moving service to the North Seattle area. As an agent for Bekins Van Lines, our North Seattle movers are dedicated professionals who can complete residential, commercial, international, and specialized moving and storage with ease.

North Seattle Moving Company

Our North Seattle movers will work swiftly and professionally, customizing the following services to match your exact needs:

  • Residential Moving: No matter the size of your home, our North Seattle local and long distance movers can take the stress out of your transition.
  • Commercial Moving: Whether you need to move a small family business or a major corporate branch, we’ll minimize your downtime and get your business running again smoothly.
  • International Moving: International moves can be stressful if you choose under qualified movers! At Bekins Northwest, we have the resources necessary to simplify your transition.
  • Storage: Our storage facilities are monitored 24/7 and can accommodate any sized order. We’ll keep your valuables safe as long as necessary!
  • Logistics: Our professional staff, state of the art equipment and secure facilities will ensure your logistics needs are handled with quality and expertise.
  • Specialized Moving: No matter if you need to move a treasured piano or expensive X-ray machine, our movers have the experience necessary to handle your items safely.

Get in contact with our North Seattle movers now to learn more about our comprehensive moving services. Call us today at (877) 547-7174 to speak with an experienced Bekins Northwest Move Coordinator, or fill out our no-obligation quote form to receive a free estimate!

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We continue to be committed to your health and safety and remain fully operational as our state remains cautious during the gradual re-opening in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis. Our staff and crews are fully compliant with the state’s regulation on PPE needs, social distancing, and proper sanitation.