Doesn’t Your Company Deserve the Best?

Doesn’t Your Company Deserve the Best?

Commercial Moving

At Bekins Northwest, we’re business people just like you.

It’s taken us 115 years to grow our business – decades of hard work, planning and impeccable execution has brought us to this point. We know that you’re in the same boat, as well.

Our Bekins warehouse and offices has equipment – state-of-the-art equipment – that we rely on to provide comprehensive, quality service our customers appreciate and rely on. We know your offices are full of the same essentials.

At the end of the day, our commercial movers are people – people with families and needs. There’s nothing that separates our employees from your own, except for the skills they’ve acquired over the years to do their job right. That’s why we keep them around and treat them well. We know that’s why you do everything you can for them, too: because you value them.

So here it is – our pitch: if you’re a business owner in the midst of an office relocation, don’t hesitate to call the premier commercial movers. Don’t hesitate to call Bekins Northwest. You’ll be blown away by our service; by our integrity and commitment to your needs. You’ll be impressed by the technology and equipment we use to make sure your sensitive and delicate electronics are transferred safely and efficiently – regardless of the size and scope of your transition.

Call the commercial movers at Bekins Northwest today and give yourself the gift of a stress-less, simple relocation. We’ll do all the heavy lifting, of course. All you have to do is give us the details. Call us today for a free consultation and no-obligation quote!

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