El Nino in the Pacific Northwest Makes Moving Wet

El Nino in the Pacific Northwest Makes Moving Wet

el nino signMoving is tough already with the seemingly endless list of to-dos you must complete and organize by moving day. It’s hard coordinating the different facets that come into play but with the help of a reputable and reliable mover like Bekins Northwest, the process can be a little easier. If you’re moving to Washington, there’s plenty of things to consider. Known as a place with plenty of rain, the season often dictates how your move might go.
With El Nino winds sweeping across the Pacific northwest bringing in dry air, it may seem like the perfect time to move this year by taking advantage of less rain. But don’t be fooled, while the winter in Washington may be a bit more mild and dry, it doesn’t mean that it is going to be lacking in rain at all. Often, El Nino brings with it individual heavy storms that can often cause unexpected flooding and even landslides.

Keep track of the weather as your moving day is coming up and know that if you’ve chosen Bekins Northwest as your mover, you’re getting professionals who have dealt with these kinds of weather conditions for years. Our experience and expertise make long distance moving easy, streamlined, and stress free.

If you’re in need of reliable moving solutions for your relocation in Washington, choose Bekins Northwest. Call us to learn more about how we can give you the moving experience you want or fill out our online form to request your free, in-home moving estimate.

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