Gearing Up for a Winter Move in Tacoma

Gearing Up for a Winter Move in Tacoma

Tacoma Winter

Planning even just a local relocation in Tacoma can be a large task – especially in the winter months.  As the cold weather and your moving date approach, keep in mind a few of these tips for moving in cold weather from our Tacoma local movers.

Keep your gear readily available.  When packing, it is easy to bury the winter weather clothes deep in boxes, but it is best to keep a clearly marked, easily accessible box of warm clothing and blankets packed for moving day.

Plan ahead.  Keep in mind that moving in cold weather can increase the time it may take to complete your move.  Keep on track by having your belongings packed up and boxes clearly labeled before the movers arrive at your home.

Protect your home.  Winter weather can bring along with it ice, slush and snow – all which will cause a mess and potentially even damage to your home.  Protect floors, doorways and entranceways in both homes to prevent any unnecessary damage.

Stay warm.  Have warm beverages and take breaks during your move.  It may not seem like it, but keeping warm will actually help your move to move much more quickly and smoothly.  Your movers will appreciate the kind gesture, and their appreciation will show.

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