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Bekins Northwest Partners with Hauer Real Estate

Hauer Real Estate Selects Bekins Northwest to Join their Exclusive List of Recommended Service Providers

Quality Service can be a hard thing to come by in this day and age and when we find it, we tend to want to hold onto it. Over the years, Hauer Real Estate has created a list of Quality Professionals to whom they trust doing business with, can expect quality work from, and will charge reasonable fees for the work performed. Hauer Real Estate’s Quality Vendor list started as home based vendors such as plumbers, electricians, painters, window washers and carpet cleaners, but eventually grew to much more than that. Today it consists of professionals from good massage therapists, to auto mechanics/sales, all the way to orthodontists, and moving companies.

Hauer Real Estate Chooses Heidi Rinker from Bekins Northwest to Join their Quality Vendor List

Hauer Real Estate

Beginning in 2000 as a customer service representative, Heidi quickly progressed to her current position as a moving consultant.  She is responsible for meeting with each client to determine their needs; agree on a plan; estimate weights, time and material; schedule the dates; prepare the paperwork; and coordinate the relocation.

Besides her years of business experience and raising her family, Heidi also logged over 800,000 miles driving a tractor-trailer with her husband, giving her valuable knowledge of the trucking industry as well as familiarity with much of the country.

As a native of Puyallup and now driving 35,000 miles-a-year to meet with her clients, she also knows the towns and roads of Western Washington very well.

Heidi specializes in home and business relocations – packing, moving and storing.  She can customize the services to meet the needs of each client.

Heidi has a reputation for thorough product knowledge, attention to detail, and the ability to give straight answers — making her an asset to our company and a valuable resource to her clients.

When she isn’t taking care of a client, Heidi can be found spending time with her family, cooking, singing, or working on her latest home improvement project.

Bekins Northwest’s Special Offer for Hauer Real Estate Clients

Home Delivery Services

As a Special Promotion for all clients referred to us by Hauer Real Estate, Bekins Northwest is offering….

10% off the cost of your move AND free valuation coverage up to 10,000 lbs!

Call Heidi for more details at (253) 380-6964

Bekins Northwest has been in the moving and storage industry for over 110 years and is able to provide you with the highest quality of services available. Our most popular services include:

For more details about all of our available services please visit our Moving Services page.

Best Local Movers

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