Heidi’s 8 Helpful Moving Hints

Heidi’s 8 Helpful Moving Hints

I have told customers over the years these moving hints, tips, and tricks. They usually ask if I have them written down…So here they are!

Heidi's Helpful Hints

1. Essentials Box

These are items you will be need right away. The last thing you want to do is hunt down the following items the day you move in. Mark your box with special tape or colors so you can find it right away.

  • Toilet Paper
  • Toothbrushers
  • Coffee Pot/Toaster
  • Remotes
  • Screwdriver/Hammer
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Paper Towels
  • Work Gloves
  • Pet Supplies
  • Light Bulbs
  • Alarm Clock
  • Box Cutter
  • Band-Aids
  • Toys for Kids

2. Picnic Box

Pack a separate box with items you can use to prepare a few meals during unpacking days.

  • Spices Used on a Regular Basis
  • Favorite Pan/Skillet
  • Spatula/Spoon for stirring
  • Hot Pad
  • Canned Goods/Boxed Foods
  • Paper Plates/Utensils/Cups

3. Packing Materials

Use your clothing as “packing material” for added protection.

  • Smaller family/decoration pictures can be wrapped with shirts – one arm forward/one arm back. Place in box.
  • Socks can go inside glassware as added protection.
  • Towels/linen can be used for lining the box for added protection, wrapping items, and filling in gaps if your box isn’t full enough.

4. Linens

Put a set of bed linen in the top drawer of the dresser for that room. Now it is packed and ready to be used when you are!

5. Code Your Boxes

Remember to think of your new home and where these items will be placed by the moving crew. This helps the moving crew to know where each box goes and organizes how you unpack. Use a 1/2 sheet of paper taped to bedroom doors to indicate what room gets what boxes as marked.

Use colored tape, numbering, or letters for each room. For example, red tape, the number 1, or the letter A might be the kitchen. Blue tape, the number 2, or the letter B might be the living room.

6. Rattle Check

Make sure to roll your boxes back and forth on all sides before taping up – do you hear anything rattling around? If so, use your clothing/linen or unprinted newsprint to fill those spaces. Tight boxes (not bulging) are best.

7. Parts Box

Put all of these in the same box. Now all is together with no wondering where they could be.

  • Lamp finials
  • Keys to clocks/cabinets
  • Screws to mirrors on dressers
  • Shelving pegs
  • Stereo/TV cords
  • Remote controls, etc.
  • Computer cords

8. Happy Kids!

Kids under 10? Moving is pretty stressful for all of us, but children just don’t understand where their “stuff” is going to go. We all love our belongings, and want to be sure they are safe and in our space.

  1. Use a large or medium box – don’t put it together yet.
  2. Let your child color, sticker, stamp it with their name and whatever else they want to make it theirs.
  3. Now make it a box being sure to use clear tape so not to cover their artwork.
  4. Let them fill that box with what is “important” to them. It may be one of the last boxes taped up, as they will change their mind frequently.
  5. Make sure they have items in the box that can be played with that aren’t electronic and need parental help. This will help you those first few days.
  6. Tell them that the mover will be extra careful with their box while loading it all up in the truck.
  7. When the child sees the box come off the truck, or in their room when they come home for the first time, they will have a connection back to their “stuff.” It really makes a difference to all of us knowing our stuff is okay.

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