Importance of Keeping Your Storage Unit In Check

The Importance of Keeping Your Storage Unit In Check

Keeping Your Storage Unit In Check

Let’s face it – during a move, it is quite easy for things to get out of hand. Or rather, the exact number of things. When it comes to packing, almost everyone badly estimates the amount of things they have. Sooner or later, many people realize that they’re going to need storage services, for at least a while. And that’s all well and good – but you should know something. Renting out a storage unit isn’t the end of worrying about your stored items. In fact, you should know – storage units require oversight and maintenance. Keeping your storage unit in check is crucial if you want to preserve your items.

Organizing your storage unit

Okay, now that you’ve come to terms with the fact that your storage unit will need some looking after – let’s take a look at the basics. First of all, remember something – by definition, a storage unit is basically a room filled with stuff. So, if you’re going to be keeping your storage unit in check, it’s really important that you organize your things inside neatly from the start. You may be preparing for a long-haul move, and your things may be in storage for a while. If you don’t organize well, it will really be a nightmare doing any maintenance at all. So, no piles of random things from your home – organize them by whatever categories you prefer, as long as they’re tidy.

Items you shouldn’t place in a storage unit

Also, even though the storage company will probably tell you this – you should know what things not to place inside. And that goes double when you’re expecting your storage container to be in transit. So, if you’re sending your belongings to Japan by sea or, for example, to Brazil by air, make sure not to store:

  • Perishables – You should really avoid placing any perishable items, such as non-canned food, in your storage unit. Such items decompose over time, and attract all kinds of pests.
  • Living things – Obviously, a storage unit container is no place for any pets or other living things.
  • Scented items – Strong smells also tend to attract pests. So, make sure any scented candles or similar items are properly packed if you really need them in your storage unit.
  • Electronics – If the temperature of a storage unit isn’t maintained, the containers can get quite hot or cold according to the weather. And this can really damage any electronics inside – so think twice about keeping any in the storage unit.
  • Hazardous materials – Naturally, any forbidden and hazardous materials should be kept out of storage containers, for safety and legal reasons.

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Items You Shouldn't Put In Storage
A storage unit is no place for a potted plant!

Keeping your storage unit in check by cleaning it properly

Once you’ve got your things inside a storage unit, you will want to preserve them completely. And there is no better way of doing that than cleaning the storage unit regularly. First of all, you want to keep the doors clean at all times. They are your first vanguard against outside pests and other intrusions. And in most cases, you don’t need to do anything fancy to keep the storage unit doors clean. In fact, a simple solution of water and soap should do just fine. But again, make sure you do the cleaning on a regular basis! Also, here’s a tip for storage units in colder climates – you should expect a lot of salt building up on the doors. But you can prevent that easily – just apply a thin coating of auto wax on the doors’ exterior.

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Make sure to keep mold away from your storage unit

Speaking of cleanliness – one of the most important aspects of keeping your storage unit in check is keeping mold away from your things. Really, there’s nothing that can wreck a storage unit like mold. If you don’t tend to your storage container regularly, you may face the prospect of most of your things being ruined. Don’t worry though – there are ways to prevent mold!

First of all, it’s really important to check the humidity at regular intervals. After all, there’s no easier way to help mold than having excess humidity in the storage unit. That’s why you want to keep it at normal levels. When talking about humidity indoors, it should never go above 40% if you want to keep your items safe. But how do you check the humidity at all? Well, there are two ways you can go about this. Either install a gauge to measure humidity or just hire professionals to test it for you.

Cleaning Your Storage Unit
Cleaning is a great way of keeping your storage unit in check!

Constantly perform hardware repairs

Okay, keeping your storage unit clean is important, but that’s just one thing. There are many other aspects of renting and keeping your storage unit in check. Another one of those is making sure everything is running smoothly. And how would you do that? Well, by making regular hardware inspections. And consequently, performing repairs, if need be.

Keep the doors in good condition

So, what is the most common malfunction you should be on the lookout for? Well, logically, the storage unit doors. Not only are they crucial for actually getting to your things if you need them, but they also prevent weather damage and other outside influences. Hence, you should really focus on keeping the doors clean and working at all times. And if you’re sending the storage unit to a remote location, we don’t recommend doing it on your own – instead, hire professionals that can help you with demanding shipments. Also, you should know that this is especially important if you are storing your items in a shipping container, and not a stationary unit. If you’re sending your goods somewhere in a storage unit, it’s really important for the doors to be sealed tight to prevent wreckage.

Lastly, you should check on the rubber seal at the bottom of the door from time to time. This may seem like a minor thing – but this is what keeps the storage unit perfectly sealed when the doors close. As the seasons change, this rubber may wear out – so make sure you replace it!

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Storage Unit Door
You should make sure the door of your storage unit is in fine condition!
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