Interstate Moving Checklist

Interstate Moving Checklist

Well, we all know that moving can be quite a stressful experience causing a lot of worrying and uncertainty about how it will all play out. If you are moving interstate, then the stress of moving is even greater. There are many ways to alleviate that stress, but the first step should be to prepare and go through a checklist that will help you deal with the whole process with ease. So, what would be part of an interstate moving checklist and what is interstate moving?

Interstate moving – don’t do it yourself.

Interstate moving – What is it?

Simply put, any move that considers the relocation across state lines is interstate move. We also call it long distance moving. So-called intrastate moves are usually considered to be local although moving companies apply long-distance rates for moves over great distances even within state boundaries. Primarily, long-distance or interstate moves tend to be more complicated than local moves. It’s because you tend to move all of your belongings across vast distances, which is always risky and troubling. It is also tied to a much higher moving expense and cost which is regulated by Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

As such, interstate moves are not to be taken lightly and are better left to be carried out by professionals rather than organizing them in a do-it-yourself fashion. These moves must be meticulously planned, organized, and executed to make them easier and cost-effective. This means to start planning well in advance, keep a tight checklist and follow through with every single item on it. There are hundreds of things to take care of to execute an interstate move.

The checklist

It is almost impossible to list all the steps in preparing an interstate move in a single checklist. We can, however, try to point out elements that are crucial for a successful and stress-free move.

Hire moving professionals

Hiring good interstate movers is critical. You should try to find a reputable interstate moving company that will also be affordable and cost-effective. Make sure to find a company that is licensed for interstate moves and has a good reputation and reviews of their work. The movers also have to be insured to protect and decrease the risk of damage to your belongings. It is best to request quotes from several companies (3 to 5) and to analyze their offers to make an informed decision. Since it’s of paramount importance for the movers to handle your move with care and attention, do not make price your critical factor but also consider services and other conditions.

Keep in mind that a long-distance moving cost is determined by two primary factors and some additional ones. Moving distance is a factor that is set and can’t be changed. You can’t influence it at all. The other factor is the weight of the items you are moving, and that factor can be changed by good organization. The price that movers offer concerning distance and weight can vary in relation to additional services companies offer. The price can be quite high if you consider additional services so try to decide which services you need and which you don’t.

Declutter and pack – keep the cost down

Since the weight of your household items is an element that determines the moving cost, consider doing something about it. You can always declutter your household by getting rid of the things you do not use or need. It can be quite easy to shed weight and expenses; you just have to make a simple rule: such as, if you haven’t used it in a year than you probably don’t need it. Once that rule is applied, it’s easy to sort out your household and decide what you will give away, sell or donate. It might also be more cost-effective to sell your furniture or even put it in storage until you decide on a more permanent solution. These options will certainly keep the weight of your belongings and the cost of your move down.

One of the easiest and hassle-free options when moving is to hire movers for a full-service move. This means that you hire a moving company to sort out, pack, transport and unpack your belongings on-site. It might be easy but it is also expensive so you can always opt for a different solution. You can always sort and pack your stuff yourself. It can be easy and cheap as you can always:

  • gather
    • free or cheap packing boxes
    • bubble wrap
    • packing tape
  • use your own empty containers or suitcases, etc.

While packing books, wardrobe, and other less expensive stuff yourself, you can hire movers to pack more valuable and fragile belongings and still keep costs down. Rustic furniture, expensive china or lamps can be packed by professionals with minimum risk damage even though you are leaving one state and settling down in another, for example.

Consider different moving options carefully

When planning your interstate move, be sure to analyze all of the available moving options. The full long-distance move will give you peace of mind and relieve stress, but it will be the most expensive option. It does incorporate a full service from packing through transport to unpacking, but there are other options.

You can choose to do your own packing to keep the cost down. Movers might even offer free packing supplies or even eco-friendly reusable boxes.

Consider your moving choices.

You can opt for a so-called backloading option. This option provides transport of your household items in a shared truck with others. Using a shared truck can keep the cost down considerably.

Moving companies that offer backloading option also offer the transport of single large – bulky items. This service can be very useful if you are moving a grand piano or something similar. Also, you have the option to use a single van to transport large items. This service can be more expensive, but it gives you more control of the handling, pickup, and delivery of your property.

In conclusion

Planning a long-distance, interstate move can cause enormous stress. However, there are ways to alleviate that stress and make your relocation hassle-free. Be sure to hire professional movers that will deal with your move with competence and knowledge. A long-distance move is an expensive endeavor but keep in mind that you always have some options to keep expenses in control.  Just be sure to plan in advance, consider all of the options and consult professionals.

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