KEPR TV Antenna Move – Johnson Butte

KEPR TV Antenna Move


John Mazza is the chief Engineer for KEPR-TV/KVVK-TV/KORX-TV with the Sinclair Broadcast Group.  John calls Bekins when he needs some heavy lifting. This time he called for some help moving a $150,000.00 antenna… relatively simple except that it is 18 feet tall and located at the top of Johnson Butte (Kennewick, WA).

The Johnson Butte trail and access route is rated as a moderately difficult hike.  It is almost a 1000-foot ascent to the summit over a 2.5-mile, one lane, dirt road.  Add two intrepid movers and a Bekins Moving van and you have a typical day in the moving business. Oh, by the way, the antenna needed to be crated and moved to another TV station on the East coast – no problem.

Bekins Northwest is a household goods moving expert.  We are also experts in office and industrial moving… even on Johnson Butte.

Thank you John Mazza and KEPR TV for another interesting day at work!

Jorge Motalvo, Ruben Chariez, and Jorge Cofarrubias are pictured building the antenna custom crate.  Jorge Motalvo and Ruben Chariez made the “Hike” up Johnson Butte.  Great work guys!

John Mazza

Chief Engineer – KEPR-TV/KVVK-TV/KORX-TV Company Name Sinclair Broadcast Group; Dates Employed Oct 2008 – Present Employment Duration 9 yrs 3 mos; Location: Pasco, WA

Responsible for all engineering at KEPR-TV located in Pasco, WA, a CBS affiliate 19.1, CW 19.2, and GRIT 19.3 and Univision stations KVVK-TV 15.1 and Comet 15.2 and KORX-TV, Walla Walla, WA. Additional responsibilities include purchasing/receiving, CAPEX projects, and maintenance of 11 news and engineering vehicles.


Ken Wendland

Relocation Specialist

Ken has spent a combined 20 years of his career with Bekins Northwest; his wealth of industry knowledge, leadership, integrity and exceptional customer service has made him an instrumental member of the sales team and company.

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