Let’s Talk About Storage!

Let’s Talk About Storage!

So let’s talk about storage. What is it? Why do we need it and where do we go to do it? These are all excellent questions and frankly, this is why I like you best! There are all kinds of storage…storage bins, storage closets, storage sheds, mini storage, self-storage…blah, blah, blah the list goes on. Then there’s the infamous “Moving and Storage”….wait a minute! If you’re moving, why do you need storage? Well, if you’ve ever lived anywhere for more than 10 minutes, you tend to collect stuff. It’s when you decide to move that you suddenly realize…where in the world did all this stuff come from? You sort through it all, give some stuff away, donate other stuff…and then there’s the stuff you just can’t live without. But maybe you have more stuff than will fit in your humble abode. Or maybe you’ve decided to move into a bigger abode so you can revel in all your wonderful stuff….but maybe this new palace isn’t quite ready to accommodate you AND your stuff.

Storage Options

Well, that’s where the storage part of moving and storage comes in (see how clever that is? We’ve thought of everything!). Let’s talk about the different options out there. Mini or Self Storage is just what it sounds like – you rent a storage unit and move your stuff in there. They come in all kinds of sizes…the smaller units (what I like to refer to as “fun sized”) which are typically 5’ x 5’ or 5’x 7’. Medium sized 5’ x 10’ and then the larger ones ranging from 10’ x 10’ to 10’ x20’. These are the types of storage you keep your own lock on and can come and go and rummage around in whenever you like. And they can get quite pricey in the long run.

Vaulted Storage

Another form of storage is called Vaulted Storage. Vaulted…hmm…like what….a bank vault? Well, no, because that wouldn’t really be practical…super safe (pun intended) but not practical. No,  in the moving industry, a vault is a 7’ x 7’ x 8’ wooden box that holds roughly 1000lbs or the equivalent of 1 room’s worth of stuff. Depending on how much you want to store, a Move Coordinator may need to come out and do the free onsite to determine what’s being stored and how many vaults will be needed. Then the movers bring the vaults out, pack them up with all your stuff, complete inventories of each vault then bring them back to our warehouse where they can be stacked 3 or 4 high in a secure warehouse.

Bulky/Odd-Shaped Items

For those items that won’t fit into a vault, such as a grand piano or sofa, fear not my intrepid friend! We have a solution for that too! Pianos are wrapped in heavy padded blankets (and when I say heavily wrapped, think mummified) and stored on piano boards and tucked into secure racks so they are safe and snug. Sofas are also wrapped within an inch of their life, labeled and stored in oversize racks. In fact, I’ve seen all types of things in some of our warehouses…. Row upon row of the usual household goods, a Harley Davidson (yep, it was well covered), part of an airplane (that was pretty cool to see) and I’m pretty sure I even saw the Ark of the Covenant down one of those aisles.  The really great part of vaulted storage is that whether you need to store for just a few weeks or a few decades, when you’re ready to reunite with your beloved stuff, we’ll just bring the vaults out to your location and unpack them!

Storage Features

If you’re in the market for storage, check out our great features:

  • Fire Protection Systems
  • 24-Hour Surveillance
  • Climate Controlled Warehouse
  • Continuous Security Patrols
  • Inventory Management System
  • Continuous Pest Control Management
  • Department of Defense Approved

Did you see that last one? Department of Defense Approved…yeah, we’re kinda cool like that! What does that mean for you and your stuff? It means that if we’re good enough to store stuff for our military; you can rest assured your stuff is in good hands. We can also provide Commercial Storage and Document/Records storage. So there you have it; I have demystified the storage part of Moving and Storage.


Stephanie Armato
Customer Service Representative

After moving across the country (twice) with her two favorite horses, Stephanie has experienced first-hand what every single one of our customers goes through. Her passion for helping people for the past 16 years as a customer service representative has led her to delve into the world of writing informative blogs to help our customers during the moving process. If you have questions for Stephanie, please feel free to add a comment below!

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