We Move it All: Including a Laser Table

We Move it All: Including a Laser Table

Laser Table

Bekins Northwest is proud to announce their most recent Seattle Specialized Moving Job. We were given the opportunity to help out the University of Washington by moving a new piece of equipment into their Genome Sciences Facilities. This was located on the 5 floor of the Foege building. This means creating a custom and unique solution to moving a 12 foot, 1,500 pound laser/air table to its new desired location. This meant getting the help of Ness Crane to hoist the laser table into place.

After reviewing all other options, we felt it would be best to use a crane to help hoist it into place. With the Help of those at Ness Crane and coordinators from both Bekins northwest and the University of Washington, none of this would have been possible. We looked forward to hearing new discoveries out of this lab for many years to come.

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