Moving Into a Studio Apartment

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Things to Know Before Moving Into a Studio Apartment

Are you moving into a studio apartment? It’s true, the fact that your bedroom, kitchen, and lounge are supposed to be the same place does take some adjusting. As if relocation isn’t stressful enough. However, in the event of downsizing, venturing off into the world of solo living, trying to shorten the commute, or simply trying out big city living, it’s a compromise you must be willing to make. So, what is there to know before you make it official?

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If you’re used to larger dwellings, you definitely need to know a few things about moving into a smaller one. Photo by Vlada Karpovich from Pexels

Know What to Look For

Depending on why you are moving into a studio apartment, there will be numerous factors that narrow down your choice. For instance, maybe you want to be closer to work or school or live in some cooler part of the city? With that said, make sure to be prepared for a shakedown in order to find the one that suits your needs, preferences, and budget. It will not be easy, but it’ll not be a wild goose chase either. Still, to find one worthy of a living situation, you should know what to look for:

  1. The right layout. If you’re buying and not renting, you need to make sure that your furniture fits the flat’s square footage and design. Do you have enough space for your belongings? Can the furniture arrangement you had in mind be put into effect?
  2. High ceilings. Having plenty of vertical room in your tiny apartment will both open it up and maximize the use of the space. Your small apartment will appear larger than it actually is, and you will have extra room for installing shelves, mounting the TV to the wall, and the like.
  3. Sufficient storage space. The fact is, it doesn’t take much for a space as small as a studio apartment to look chaotic and cluttered. So, make sure it has large storage space to house all your belongings. If a few more closets are not enough, look for a complex that offers its residents storage units, or find a storage area in your vicinity for safe-keeping of extra furniture and suchlike.
  4. Lots of large windows. Ample natural light not only brightens up the room but also makes it appear more spacious. It’s a too well-known optical illusion that works great for small spaces such as this one. For the most desirable effect, make sure that your windows face east or west.
  5. Homey vibe. Being able to step through the doors of a studio and say, “Yup, this is the one!” is a fantastic feeling. If an entirely new apartment instantly gives you that warm, comfy vibe that enables you to picture yourself living there, there’s not much more to debate. The most important thing you should be looking for in any living space is that you feel comfortable and that it feels like home.

Chart a Floor Plan

Moving into a brand-new dwelling gives you a unique opportunity to create the home you’ve always dreamed about. It is a blank slate you can color with your personality and energy to create a perfectly cozy refuge for yourself. By planning the space before you relocate, you will be able to plan which furniture to move or buy and where a particular piece will fit best. Subsequently, this helps you avoid numerous awkward situations, hasty decisions, and bad judgment calls when the movers arrive with your furniture.

Sketch the area

First, take all measurements (width, length, and height) of your future home (walls, doorways), as well as that of your furniture, and transfer them onto a piece of graph paper (take two squares to be one foot, for instance). After you’ve sketched your studio area, remember to mark doorways and various installations such as wall sockets. Then, inspect the layout and decide which furniture fits best in which part of the room. You can either draw the pieces or create furniture models out of colored cardboard and try various combinations. It’s also recommended that you make several copies of the layout to try out different arrangements and see which one you like the best. This way, you will be able to achieve maximum comfort, as well as the interior you’ll fall in love with.

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Prepare Well for the Move

The basic process of moving into a bedsit remains pretty much the same as if you were moving into a larger dwelling. If you opt for professional moving services, the necessary steps are researching your options, finding good and budget-friendly movers, filling out moving quotes, making moving inventories, and so on. However, if, since you’re transferring relatively few items, you decide on a DIY, you’ll have to be prepared to take care of all logistics, as well as to disassemble and carry your furniture into a moving truck on your own. This is why it’s a good thing that many moving companies, such as Verified Movers, offer help via their official websites, where you can find answers to all questions regarding the moving process, as well as tips for planning and action.

Know What to Expect

Life in a studio is different from life in traditional housing you might be accustomed to. This is why, if you’re not used to looking at your kitchen from your bed, it’ll take some time to adjust. However, given our incredible adaptive ability as a species, you might eventually find your living situation to be cozy instead of cramped. So, what can you expect?

Warm-colored and cozy apartment
Be prepared for a lot of adjustment. Image by RitaE from Pixabay

Firstly, some trivial things might take time to get used to when moving into a studio apartment, such as the necessity to make your bed every morning, opening the windows while you cook, letting go of some luxuries, and hearing your neighbor flush the toilet a thousand times a day. Secondly, being too ambitious with your available space has proven to be a bad idea. When it comes to relocating and living in a studio flat, a designated living, dining, and working area is an example of luxuries we’ve mentioned beforehand. Lastly, but most importantly, expect clutter to be your worst enemy. Therefore, to get it under control, you must figure out how to get creative with your storage space (for instance, you can buy furniture that serves multiple purposes) and turn cleaning and tidying into a regular habit.

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