Moving Mistakes To Avoid

Moving Mistakes To Avoid

Your first-time relocation can be very stressful and also very risky. Especially if you’re moving long-distance, with a big family or in a hurry. Also, juggling between your job, moving preparations and other daily tasks is the most common way to make mistakes. You need to be very careful when picking the movers, packing the boxes and carrying heavy items by yourself, etc. All of these risky situations can result in additional costs, damage and someone getting hurt. That’s why we made a list of all the moving mistakes to avoid, to make the relocation as easy as possible for you.

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Having no plan is definitely one of the moving mistakes to avoid since it can make your move very chaotic and stressful.

Not Having A Plan

Doing everything as you go, without any plan and organization is definitely one of the most common moving mistakes to avoid. Even though it sounds easy (packing, putting the boxes in a vehicle is moving) – it’s actually far more complicated and includes a lot of details to think about. Sit down and think about all the moving tasks you should do, one by one. Write them down and make a moving checklist, so you can tick the items off as you finish them. This will give you an overview of your moving process and prevent you from forgetting something important.

Doing The Move In A Hurry

Moving in a hurry is the last thing you should do – except when you face a last-minute move because of your job or any other reason. If you have enough time, make sure you use it wisely and have a smooth, stress-free move. Start your moving preparations weeks, even months before the moving day, so you can do everything properly and avoid breaking or losing something, or even worse – hurting yourself. Also, doing everything on time will reduce the stress to the minimum.

  1. Packing quickly – don’t do this in a hurry, since you can easily break something or damage a favorite piece of furniture. Pack systematically, room by room, so you can have enough time to do it properly.
  2. Not having enough of all the packing supplies – having the right packing supplies is the job half done. Start collecting them weeks before you start packing, or if you’re not sure what to get – take some of the moving kits that include everything you need.
  3. Forgetting to label the moving boxes – even though it sounds like an extra step you don’t need, labeling your moving boxes can make the move a lot easier. You’ll find certain items much faster, unpack easily and protect some fragile items labeled on the box.
  4. Overpacking the boxes – it’s okay if you want to use the space as much as you can so you pack more items, however, overpacking the boxes can be riskier than it sounds. Make sure you don’t use huge boxes and fill them with too many items since they can get too heavy to carry. Using smaller boxes for heavier items, and middle-size to bigger boxes for lighter items is the best way to go.

Financial Mistakes – Not Preparing The Moving Budget

We all know that the house or office relocation can get pretty costly and we want to reduce those moving costs. But you can’t save any money until you know what exactly you’re spending money on. To avoid this common moving mistake and actually save some cash, you need to have a moving budget. Plan your moving finances to detail and make sure you don’t forget all the hidden moving costs, because they can really pile up. When you know exactly what you need to pay for, you can now set your priorities and start reducing your moving costs.

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Another thing about moving mistakes to avoid is not trying to reduce the moving costs. Unless you have an unlimited budget, it’s a good idea to take a look at some budget-friendly ideas for your upcoming move and find the ways to save.

Not Hiring A Professional Moving Company

Even though it is possible to DIY the whole moving process, it can get incredibly difficult and stressful if you’re inexperienced. A professional move can help you with carrying heavy items, packing easily breakable things and transporting your items safely to your new home. It’s definitely a way to have a fast and stress-free relocation.

Not Researching About The Moving Company You Hire

With the moving business growing each year, there are many fraudulent companies appearing wherever you go. That’s why not doing research on a moving company you want to hire is definitely one of the riskiest moving mistakes to avoid. Hiring potentially fraudulent movers can get very dangerous and incredibly expensive. Make sure you have a couple of companies to compare, do detailed online research about them and get some recommendations from the people you know. Be aware of any suspicious details like incomplete contact information, blank documents, unregistered DOT number on the vehicle, etc. Any of these can lead to huge moving problems you really want to avoid.

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Make sure you do extensive research on whom you hire.

Over-stressing About The Move

Moving your house is stressful even without you creating even more mess and tension. Make sure you stay calm during the process and not stress about details that don’t affect your move. With all these moving mistakes to avoid, you can be sure you will have a smooth and easy relocation, so there’s nothing to worry about if you follow your moving plan. Of course, accidents can happen, but if you’re careful enough, you can reduce those occasions to a minimum. Have a safe move!

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