Moving to a New House During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Moving to a New House During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Moving, buying or selling a house is stressful enough in everyday life under what can only be labeled as ‘normal’ circumstances. So, imagine having to worry about improper packing of your belongings and the chance of your movers being late during a pandemic. That’s exactly what many people are going through at the moment. Moving into a house during the COVID-19 outbreak is an event that will raise people’s anxiety levels through the roof.

Besides the average problems people face during relocation, such as comparing different moving estimates and finding a reliable storage unit, those relocating amid the pandemic will have to worry about the most important thing of all – their health. With that in mind, there are many measures of prevention you can take so that everyone involved in the process remains out of harm’s way.

Think About Rescheduling Your Relocation

The best way to avoid getting infected with the new virus is by cutting all social ties. And an average relocation involves contact between quite a lot of people. For that reason, everyone who is on the cusp of relocation at the moment, is advised to rethink their situation once again. Do you absolutely have to move because of a new job or the expiration of your lease? Or have you just felt the need to shake things up a little bit? If you recognize yourself in the latter, you should definitely think about rescheduling your relocation.

a woman holding a phone and writing in a notepad
Is there a better date in the future for your relocation?

On the other hand, if you absolutely have to move within the next few weeks and you have already booked a date with movers, then you should first try to reschedule the date. This is especially advisable if a member of your household has come into contact with someone that has contracted COVID-19. When it comes down to something like this, the most reputable movers won’t have a problem seeing eye to eye with you. Relocation specialists such as Verified Movers and their affiliates are known for their goodwill when it comes to situations that can be classified as emergencies.

In case a delay isn’t an option for you, then you need to take every possible measure of precaution. Luckily, there are a couple of them that will make all the difference in this situation.

Keep a Safe Distance When Moving to a New House During the COVID-19 Outbreak

The rules of social distancing are clear. All unnecessary contact is to be avoided. Alas, that’s easier said than done when it comes to relocation. In normal circumstances, those who are moving would greet their movers at the door and remain in communication throughout the day. They would help the movers put things in place and point at what goes where. But the situation is much different when moving to a new house during this pandemic.

People are still advised to be in their homes but should remain seated in one room, or at least six feet away from the movers at all times. If you wish to go the extra mile, you can even open all the doors in your home so that your movers aren’t touching anything but moving boxes. Minimized contact will also minimize the chance of infection spreading, which should be a priority for every person, during every moment in their life – until the threat passes.

a man with a mouth guard helping with moving to a new house during the COVID-19 outbreak
Never break the six feet rule when moving to a new house during the COVID-19 outbreak

Another part of your relocation where you can minimize contact is packing. Usually, every mover and every person who has relocated before will advise you to hire professional packers. They will help you tackle your move or, rather, the most difficult part of it. But if you are moving to a new house during the COVID-19 outbreak, you should lean on yourself. In the era of uncertainty, you definitely don’t want other people touching all of your belongings. That would put you in a position to have to disinfect every item you own, resulting in a huge loss of time.

Ensure Your Movers Follow the Code

We are all aware of how expensive relocation is. That’s why the majority of people are always looking for moving companies that are on the cheap side of the spectrum. There’s only one flaw with that – cheap companies usually can’t offer the same level of quality as their more expensive competitors. And hiring an unreliable moving company is definitely one of the worst moving mistakes you can make.

Reliable movers will make the relocation of your household during the COVID-19 outbreak a safe and smooth process. Properly trained staff that will be taking care of their hygiene as well as take all the necessary measures of precaution (such as wearing surgical masks) is what you will get with a reputable mover by your side. And if you are wondering how you can tell whether a team of movers is equipped to handle the COVID-19 outbreak, there’s one thing you should look for. Namely, a lot of experts have been through the Department of Health coronavirus training online and are now 100% equipped to deal with all the challenges of this process. A company that successfully completed the training is the one you need.

e-learning on an open laptop
Movers need to learn how best to deal with the COVID-19 outbreak

Cancel Your Move at the First Sign of Trouble

Let’s imagine that everything up until this point was fine. Your move is in a couple of days and everything is ready. And suddenly, you start developing different symptoms. Symptoms that might be indicating that you have contracted COVID-19. If you or anyone in your family suspects they might have the infection, you should cancel the move on the spot. Medical advice is very clear when it comes to this situation. No one with COVID-19 should be moving to a new house for the time being.

Measures of precaution and social distancing – two things that will be of utmost importance if moving to a new house during the COVID-19 outbreak. There’s no doubt that you are already prepared for a stressful event. And we won’t lie by saying it will be different. But this is the time to be cautious and put your health first. Everything else will fall into place.

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