It Pays to Have Moving Experience

It Pays to Have Moving Experience

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I love it when we can do things other Seattle movers say they cannot. It highlights our crew’s can-do attitude and give me an awesome opportunity to showcase their customer service on our blog. This is one of those stories.

A couple of weeks ago we moved a Microsoft employee out of a home in Redmond, WA. The employee took a new job with Sonos Wireless and the new position required relocation. This customer has a lot of oversized furniture. So moving in and out of a home that was not designed for this furniture creates a unique set of challenges. When the employee joined at Microsoft, they did NOT use Bekins, their employer chose another mover for them. That other mover told them that their oversized armoire would not fit up the stairs. The customer insisted that the piece of furniture be delivered to the second story room.

So the other mover called a window specialist to remove an upstairs window and hired a forklift to raise the piece of furniture up to the second floor and bring it through the removed window. All of that extra work cost an additional $3,000.00! Microsoft paid the bill.

The customer figured that the piece would have to come out the same way when they moved out a couple of weeks ago with Bekins. “No problem,” said Josh and Michael, moving crew members at Bekins Northwest. “If we need to remove a window and bring a forklift out, that’s what we’ll do. But we have an idea. Let us try the stairs first.”

Using an old-school technique with what is known as a hump-strap, Josh and Michael were able to take the armoire down the stairs without incident! Their can-do attitude, some industry knowhow, and a little elbow grease ended up saving Sonos Wireless and this customer about $3,000.00 in a maneuver that only took 5 minutes to decide and execute. The result is a happy customer and a corporate account that will certainly be calling again when they move their next employee.

The customer was so elated that she took a picture of the crew members and the armoire after they had the piece of furniture down the stairs. 

It literally pays to know what you are doing in the moving industry. We are very glad to have Josh and Michael on our team. Their industry knowhow and customer-centric attitude is invaluable, but we now know it’s worth more than $3,000.00.

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