Premium Guide to Long-Term Storage Solutions

The Premium Guide to Long-Term Storage Solutions

The premium guide to long-term storage solutions

Preparing your belongings for storage is always a challenge. You have so much to consider – find the right storage facility in Washington, pack the items, organize the storage unit, etc. Another one of the more important factors is for how long you will be storing your belongings. Despite what you might presume, there are certain differences between short-term and long-term storage. Which brings us here – to this short yet practical insight into the premium guide to long-term storage solutions and how best to prepare your belongings for it.

The Difference Between Short-Term and Long-Term Storage

Renting storage offers plenty of benefits for people and companies. Depending on the circumstances, storing belongings can help with:

  • Decluttering your home or office space
  • Protecting your valuables while remodeling
  • Preserving family heirlooms
  • Freeing up space when living in apartments or smaller homes
  • Replacing a lack of garage, basement or attic space
  • And plenty of other practical advantages

And depending on the type of belongings you decide to store away, you will want to carefully consider the type of storage unit you will need. When you are looking to help free up space during remodeling or relocation, you will look for short-term storage solutions. However, making seasonal changes, replacing a need for a garage, or protecting heirlooms and other valuables are all situations when long-term storage solutions come in handy. And this is usually when you need a climate controlled and safe storage unit. After all, if you know that something will be spending a longer period of time in storage, you want to ensure maximum protection for it.

Packing is an essential part of long-term storage
Packing is an essential part of long-term storage

6 Packing Tips to Ensure the Safety of Your Belongings While in Storage

One of the most important tasks to commit to once you find adequate long-term storage solutions is to make sure that your belongings are well prepared. And to achieve this, you need to look into the best ways to pack your belongings. This means that you need to assess the storage space you need, consider the items you are storing and how storage for longer periods of time could affect them. Once you gather all the necessary information, you will be better prepared for what’s to come. As a result, you will be better equipped to avoid any potential damage or unplanned expenses.

Packing is an essential part of long-term storage

After all, saving money and offering a peace of mind are among the most important benefits of long-term storage solutions. But rather than simply tossing everything into storage without a second thought, here are some beneficial packing guidelines:

1. Consider the amount of items you plan to store

You need to consider your needs before all else, especially when you plan to store for longer periods of time. Ask yourself what you want to store and why are you storing it. Are you looking to get past the winter or avoid the need for a bigger apartment? These are just some of the questions and motives that can help you plan out your long-term storage needs. The unit you end up renting needs to make sense and match your relocation needs.

2. Ensure proper packing for your long-term storage solutions

The longer you plan on storing your belongings, the more you need to protect them. That is why choosing the right moving supplies is essential in this preparation process. Depending on the things you are storing, you have to take the time to acquire the necessary packing materials. Once you have everything packed, the next step is planning out the layout of your storage unit. You need to stack the boxes properly, making sure not to put too much weight on any fragile items. And you also need to make room to pass in-between boxes, granting you full access to your stored belongings.

3. Use a climate controlled storage unit when necessary

Certain possessions such as furniture and electronics are overly sensitive. The best way to ensure their safety while stored for longer periods of time is to use climate-controlled storage units. Although they cost more, they also offer you a peace of mind when it comes to the safety of your valuables. And this is especially practical for warmer states such as Florida and Texas, or in case of colder states the likes of Illinois or Washington. The longer you plan to stay away, the more professional moving companies will recommend that you rent climate controlled long-term storage units.

There are many advantages to climate controlled storage

4. Don’t forget to purchase travel and storage insurance

Additional layers of security are always welcome, especially in cases where you plan on being away for longer periods of time. And the best way to achieve this is with the implementation of travel and storage insurance. So, consider and ask your storage provider about these options when you rent units long-term. Make sure that the policy you take out covers off-site storage solutions as well.

There are many advantages to climate controlled storage
There are many advantages to climate controlled storage

5. Have someone maintain your storage unit

Although most long-term storage solutions are usually as safe as they get, you still want to check up on them from time to time. And if you are unable to do so due to not being in the city or state, you should consider leaving this job to a friend.

Vehicles in storage require checkups from time to time

Appoint someone to be in charge of your storage unit while you are away. That way, if you ever need something from your storage, they can simply have it shipped to you rather than wasting time coming back in person. This is also a practical solution when you store vehicles. Cars and motorcycles need to be driven to ward off premature damage from sitting.

6. Set up your storage payments to be done automatically

Rather than having to worry about missing your payments for storage and losing all your belongings, you can set up your storage bill on auto-debit. This way, you can handle the payments online and not have to worry or stress over it. One less concern means you will have more time to focus on other things. And this is something you can easily apply to other financial obligations in your life.

To Summarize

There it is – some simple yet useful tips on how to approach and handle long-term storage solutions. After you follow these steps, you will have less to worry about when it comes to long-term storage solutions and requirements. For any additional advice or consultations, feel free to contact our moving and storage company!

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Vehicles in storage require checkups from time to time
Vehicles in storage require checkups from time to time
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