Tips that Will Make Moving Your Business to Eastern Washington Simple

Tips that Will Make Moving Your Business to Eastern Washington Simple

Moving in Eastern Washington

Whether you run a regional office branch or a small family business, moving your company across state lines is challenging without proper planning. Business moves are more complex than household moves because you have high volumes of expensive equipment to transfer and clients to notify. The first step you should take before moving to Eastern Washington is contacting a reputable moving company. To make the moving process even simpler, the Spokane commercial movers at Bekins Northwest suggest that you:

  • Make a Floor Plan

Your move will be chaos if you don’t inform your employees and commercial movers in Spokane of where everything should go. Schedule some time several weeks (or months!) in advance to make a floor plan, and ask for employee feedback.

  • Coordinate with Your Building

Coordinate with your new building to make sure your movers will have space for parking and elevator room on moving day.

  • Change Your Address

Change your address with the post office and interested parties such as banks, suppliers and utility companies. Make sure your clients are informed of your new address, and don’t forget to update your website!

  • Notify Your Clients

If your move is taking place during business hours, let your clients know ahead out of courtesy.

  • Have a Backup Plan

Loss of data or computer problems can set you back days or weeks. Make sure you have all of your data backed up, plenty of installation CDs ready and the assistance of a tech expert who can help in an emergency.

Moving to Spokane, the second largest city in the state of Washington will give your business plenty of room to grow. Don’t delay, and contact our qualified commercial Spokane movers now to begin!

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