Weekly Guide to Your Next Move

Weekly Guide to Your Next Move

weekly-guide-to-movingWhether you’re moving locally in Washington or moving to the Pacific Northwest from afar, it’s easy to get sidetracked instead of preparing for your move. There’s tons to do, but while you’re wrapping up your life in your current home, moving day is fast approaching. Be sure to use this handy week-by-week guide so you can have a streamlined and stress-free relocation.

8 Weeks to Move – Buy a binder and add your current house paper work as well as paperwork for your new home. This binder will hold all of your important documents and files regarding your move. Begin doing research on what moving company and services you require.

7 Weeks to Move – Choose your moving day and book it with your moving company. If you book with Bekins Northwest, you’ll also receive a free estimate as well as a single-point-of-contact move coordinator. If you choose to pack yourself, it’s time to order your packing supplies and making an inventory of your belongings.


6 Weeks to Move – Begin organizing your belongings by separating the stuff you want or may want to keep from the stuff you definitely don’t want to take with you. Donate gently used items or host a garage sale to help get some funds back for your move. Take measurements at your new home and begin planning your space.

5 Weeks to Move – Address your personal relationships. Host a goodbye party for your child and say your farewells to your friends and family. Be sure to forward your medical records, keep your pets information up to date, and submit a change of address.

4 Weeks to Move – Begin packing items you use infrequently and try to keep them together with like items. Be sure to label each box clearly and keep heavier items on the bottom. Plan your trip to Washington by booking hotels, choosing a route, or purchasing your airline tickets. If you have pets, look for pet-friendly accommodations

3 Weeks to Move – Prepare your home by sending carpet out for cleaning, dispose of any flammable items that can’t be moved, and set a date for disconnect/reconnect of your utilities.

2 Weeks to Move – Complete all major packing, clear out safety deposit boxes, and confirm travel and moving details with your agent.

1 Week to Move – Refill any necessary prescriptions, pack your suitcases, and be sure to check the weather. You should also organize backup funds and get your immediate open-first box in order. Clean your home for the new owners and prepare for moving day!

If you’re looking for reliable local movers, contact Bekins Northwest to learn more about our comprehensive moving solutions. Call us to get in touch with a moving specialist or fill out our online form to request your free moving estimate.

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