Wilson Elementary is Recognized by the Seahawks

Wilson Elementary School is Recognized by the ‘Hawks

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Bekins Northwest is the Official Mover of the Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks. The Seahawks 12th fan campaign has received unprecedented support with the team’s recent success. In Spokane, an army of young 12s banded together at Wilson Elementary School in full support of the Seahawks championship run. They were led by their principal, Tony Ressa, who temporarily renamed the school Russell Wilson Elementary and held daily pep rallies in the lunchroom. The fan frenzy generated widespread media coverage, reaching all the way to the Seahawks front office. Principal Tony Ressa comments that:

“Our students have been so enthusiastic that the Seahawks organization has taken notice.

I received a phone call from the Seahawks front office and they want to recognize ‘the spirit of 12’ that they noticed in our school. They are passing along our invitation directly to Russell Wilson. A visit [Russell Wilson visiting Wilson Elementary] will be tricky, but hasn’t been ruled out. The Hawks also have ordered “12” bracelets for each Wilson student and staff member and are communicating with the school regarding ideas of how the organization can show their appreciation. They are also interested in generating ideas for the team and the school to partner on a community project to benefit a cause in Spokane.”

The students at Wilson Elementary are no doubt very excited.

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